The impetus for this body of work came from Clement Greenberg’s notion of ‘decorativeness’.  In particular it was a statement he made with regards to Helen Frankenthaler’s paintings, in which he claimed their ‘decorativeness’ to be exemplary because they achieved a quality where surface and paint were one-and-the-same.  As someone who has been interested in Greenberg’s theories and criticism of art, I thought it necessary to take things one step further, and rid painting of one more extraneous element:  a traditional support. Thus the paintings I produce are made solely of paint.

I appropriate, sample, and remix a variety of tasteful strategies derived from artistic discourse and consumer culture.  This is explored in part through late critic Clement Greenberg’s ideology of purity and ‘decorativeness’ and their various connotations.  Through my research I also discovered that Behr Paint creates prescriptive colour palettes for home décor, which assure the consumer that these pairings are harmonious and tasteful.  These palettes are then given titles that correspond with the ‘colour story’ or theme established by the colour pairings, and both the palette and the title are appropriated for use in my paintings.  By fusing Greenberg’s ideology with the prescriptive colour palettes of consumer paint manufacturers I aim to satirize ‘good taste’ and to produce works, which purport to be unquestionably tasteful in a tongue-in-cheek manner.


Josh Peressotti is a Canadian Painter who is based in Kitchener-Waterloo and is currently a Painting Instructor at OCAD University and Fanshawe College.